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Scientific and practical journal "News of science and technologies" 3(62) 2022

Scientific and practical journal "News of science and technologies" 3(62) 2022





Scientific and Technological Sphere of the National Security of the Republic of Belarus: Methodological Aspects of Ensuring

S. Shlychkov

The Efficiency of State Scientific and State Scientific-Technical Expertises in Republic of Belarus in 2016−2020

O. Sazonenko, N. Luganskaya

Formation and Development of the Fundamentals of the Chinese Enterprises Corporate Governance

Xu Jing

Complex Processing of Chrysotile-Asbestos Fields in the Urals

S. Punenkov, Yu. Kozlov

State Vector Estimation of a Dynamic System with Tikhonov Regularization

B. Klimkovich

Digitalization and Formation of a New Economy 2.0: Prerequisites, Conditions and Directions for Implementation

V. Kryshtanosau

Legal aspects of scientific and technical activities

Legal regulation of directions of scientific and scientific-technical activity, financed from the republican budget

└. N. Gavrish, V. V. Khomchenko


Periodicals are a source of up-to-date information on standardization, metrology and certification

Ď. A. Nechaeva


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International specialized exhibition "TIBO-2023" (April 18-21, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Exhibitions

Innovation Fair "Digital technologies and automation" (April 19, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Fairs

International Exhibition "International Trade and Industry Fair" (March 10ľ12, 2023, Karachi)

Section: Exhibitions

Fair of innovative developments "Ecology and waste management" (March 22, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Fairs

Exhibition of achievements of Belarusian science "Belarus intellectual" (20-22 January 2029, Minsk)

Section: Exhibitions

20th international exhibition "Agro, Food, Drink, Tech EXPO"

Section: Exhibitions

Training seminar "Attribution of RDDE(T)W costs to expenses when calculating income tax with an increasing coefficient" (December 20, 2022, Minsk)

Section: Conferences, seminars

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