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Scientific and practical journal "News of science and technologies" 4(59) 2021

Scientific and practical journal "News of science and technologies" 4(59) 2021





Assessment of Business Activities of Entities of Research, Research and Technical and Innovative Activities: Country Benchmarking

Y. Komar, U. Lemekh

Organizational-Economic Mechanism of Realization Transport and Logistics Potential Road Infrastructure

I. M. Tsarenkova

Commercialization of Results of Scientific and Technical Activities in the Republic of Belarus: Conditions, Problems, Solutions

Y. Nechepurenko

Cost Transformation of the Material Flow in the Supply Chain of a Machine-Building Holding

R. Ivuts, V. Skorikov

Methodological Aspects of the Economy of Knowledge Assessment on the Example of the Activities of Scientific and Technological Parks

A. Danilchenko, Y. Aliakseyeu, S. Kharitonovich

Models of GPS-Spoofing of Civil Navigation Equipment of Consumers

A. Korotkevich, H. Kh. Saad, K. Stupin

Methods of Experimental Evaluation of Indicators of Operational Reliability of Vehicles

I. Matvienko

Industrial Laboratories: Algorithm for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Use of Scientific Equipment

N. Pavlova, A. Nikolaichuk, A. Zygmant, O. Doroshchuk

Methodology for Automating the Processes of Organizing the Work of Drivers of Fixed-Route Vehicles

S. Semtchenkov, D. Kapsky


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Fair of innovative developments "Medicine and Biotechnology" (November 15, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Fairs

Republican Seminar on commercialization of the results of scientific and Technical activities (October 17, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Conferences, seminars

Fair of innovative developments "Industry: from innovation to production" (September 26, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Fairs

International industrial exhibition "INNOPROM" in Yekaterinburg completed its work

Section: Exhibitions

26th International Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations in Industry "TechInnoProm" (September 26-28, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Exhibitions

International Industrial Exhibition "Innoprom. Kazakhstan" (September 25-27, 2023, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan)

Section: Exhibitions

XXVII International Specialized Exhibition ôEnergy. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro" (October 17-20, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Exhibitions

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