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About SO BelISA editions

Publishing and printing department

The preparation of printed and electronic publications, including the scientific and practical journal "News of Science and Technology", is carried out by the publishing and printing department at BelISA. It also publishes information and presentation materials on the implementation of the State Innovative Development Program.

Annually, according to the Plan of publications of scientific, technical and scientific-methodical literature and the Action Plan for the promotion of scientific and scientific-technical knowledge of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, the publication of scientific and reference publications is organized:

analytical report On the state and prospects for the development of science in the Republic of Belarus;

abstract collections of unpublished works (reports on R&D, R&D and OTR);

Register of registered R&D, R&D and OTR;

"Organization of innovative infrastructure";

Legal support for the functioning of a unified system of state scientific and state scientific and technical expertise;

Regulatory regulation of state registration of NIOK(T)R;

Catalogue of high-tech goods of the Republic of Belarus in Russian and English;

presentation booklets;

materials of republican and international conferences, seminars, etc.


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