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FIA International Industrial Exhibition (19-24 June 2023, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Algiers)

Section: Exhibitions

International exhibition "Eurasia — our home" (June 7-9, 2023, Russian Federation, Sochi)

Section: Exhibitions

International Agricultural Trade Fair Novi Sad (20-26 May 2023, Republic of Serbia, Novi Sad)

Section: Exhibitions

Republican seminar on inventions, rationalization and engineering and technical creativity (May 24, 2023, Grodno)

Section: Conferences, seminars

XI International exhibition of weapons and military equipment "MILEX-2023" (17-20 May 2023, Minsk)

Section: Exhibitions

Innovation Fair "Digital technologies and automation" (April 19, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Fairs

International specialized exhibition "TIBO-2023" (April 18-21, 2023, Minsk)

Section: Exhibitions

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