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Regions should create conditions for sci-tech development
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October 07, 2013


Today's major task for regions is to create conditions for developing a scientific and innovation potential. The statement was made by Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology (SCST) Igor Voitov at the seminar held on 3 October to discuss development of science in Belarusian regions, BelTA learnt from SCST Assistant Chairman Yuri Lukashevich.

“The achievement of a balanced development of the sci-tech potential of the oblasts should go in line with the strategy announced in Belarus to build-up sci-tech potential and innovation development of the national economy. The major task of the regions here is in creating favorable conditions for the development of scientific and innovation potential, including its skilled component,” Igor Voitov said.

In his words, scientific organizations and industrial companies of Belarusian regions play an important role in scientific development and production of high-technology goods.

In Belarus there are 527 organizations engaged in technological, organizational and marketing innovations. On average the share of innovative organizations makes up 32.5% in Minsk, 29.2% in Vitebsk Oblast, 28% in Brest Oblast, 18.2% in Minsk Oblast, 18.1% in Mogilev Oblast. Vitebsk Oblast leads in Belarus in the amount of shipped innovative products (24.6%). Products and services, new for the domestic market, account for 43.6% of the total amount of shipped innovative goods.

Regions have been implementing 133 innovation projects, including 86 important projects related to the implementation of Belarus’ state innovation development program for 2011-2015. A total of 103 projects are in the process of implementation in 2013. Of them 73 are of high importance. Up to 446 jobs have been created during the implementation of the program. The majority of them were created in Brest Oblast (117), Minsk Oblast (89), and Mogilev Oblast (82).

According to Igor Voitov, further development of the country’s scientific sector will be aimed at intensive cooperation between the main sectors of science, including regional ones, increasing the capacity of scientific organizations, modernization of their material and technical basis, creation of conditions for carrying out research, attraction of talented youth to the scientific sector.

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